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Solution Consulting

Product based solution consulting services to jump start your business
We have been working with many organizations helping them strengthen their business processes and achieve customer delight. With over half a decade of experience in the field of deploying our software solutions and delivering custom software solutions globally, we are well aware of the ground realities. We are well placed to offer the right advice when it comes to analyzing the business needs and helping our customers fine tune their business processes and sustain the same through right-fit IT solutions.Our process and solution consulting teams with deep domain expertise and unmatched understanding of what IT can do for your business are our real assets in delivering our solution consulting services.Our approach to consulting is non-prejudiced, where we treat each assignment as unique with a fresh approach to finding a solution to every problem. When it comes to selecting the right solution or vendor, we don’t impose our decisions on you; we educate you on pros and cons and help you take informed decisions.Please contact us to know what we can do for your business.

LPO Services

Trust our expertise for your peace of mind
We offer back office services for legal firms serving their documentation and data processing needs. The time differential with the Indian sub-continent works to our advantage in delivering exemplary services to our clients. Our strengths in this area include:Offshore setup in Hyderabad, India with a rich diversity of skilled professionals especially in the legal domain Stringent quality processes established and practiced by experienced professionals with software engineering, data processing, and documentation expertise Ability to quickly develop/adopt tools to streamline data processing and document management operationsAbility to quickly ramp up to meet the growing demand Multi-level security measures ensure that customer supplied material or information is in safe hands. Usage of secure software tools obviates the need for sending/receiving physical documents between offices to avoid loss of documents in transit.Usage of our customized in-house case management software for service delivery helps you keep track of all the work assigned to us through dynamic dashboards and event based alerts and notifications. Multiple users in your organization can perform various tasks, take decisions and access information authorized to them based on their security permissions.

Strategic Staffing

AlamedaTechSolutions has a full range of experienced consultants ready to meet your strategic IT consulting needs. We believe that we can help you achieve maximum results by recruiting the most knowledgeable consultants specifically catered to your company’s specialized requirements.Through our Right FIT recruitment process, we filter out and present to you the best candidates for the project to quickly deliver the right resource and save you time and cost.We provide strategic IT consulting services in the following core areas:

  • Applications systems development and maintenance
  • IT architecture and engineering
  • Systems consulting
  • Offshore development and support
  • General IT staffing and support


Identify opportunities, build PoCs and enhance business processes.

What is BlockChain?

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It fosters a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust, accountability and transparency.

Technologies of the 90’s and 2000’s eased cross-enterprise integration, but those approaches required each party to implement their own process logic and maintain their own transaction data. The need to reconcile logic and data across enterprises made B2B integrations costly to implement and operate.

Blockchain technology is typically associated with financial asset trading, but we see a much larger opportunity. Blockchain technology can be used to strip away the complexity of legacy business integration models used in many processes.

BlockChain Application

“ AlamedaTechSolutions think decentralized networks will be the next huge wave in technology.”

BlockChain Boot Camp :- Reinvesting Market and Banking

We conduct boot camps location Austin Texas

Blockchain, the technology underpinning Bitcoin, has been getting attention from institutional players in the financial services industry recently.

To help you stay ahead and understand the latest developments, Alameda is delighted to launch the 2-day Blockchain Bootcamp, designed to help you understand the fundamentals of blockchain, its features that can potentially solve certain pain points in capital markets, current use-cases and future applications.

All are welcome regardless of how much you know about blockchain knowledge. The Bootcamp will take a business and strategic view of blockchain.

To know more about our boot camp please feel free to email us on info@alamedatechsolutions.com

The Ats Difference

What sets ATS apart from the rest are the values that guide our company and its employees. We believe principles of integrity and a client driven focus strengthen our company as a whole and provide value through our quality services and honest client relationships.At ATS we make an individual effort for each client through our well supported teams to deliver successful results.

Our Consulting Services include

Sourcing Management Support
Global Talent at your Door Steps

People are the most important assets of a successful organization and we at AlamedaTechSolutions we strongly believe in the philosophy “the right person for the right job”. We help organizations meet their requirement of highly talented people to drive business success. With a ready access to a global pool of more than 400 developers, AlamedaTechSolutions offers a world-class capability to deliver talent and project recruitment services to customers across the globe.

Technology / Software consulting
Simplify your business with our End-to-End Consulting Services

Our consultants work to align your business strategy with your industry specific market requirements. Our team of experienced professionals from various backgrounds brings to you high quality data and system architecture skill sets that are particularly advantageous when building secure, data intensive applications that need continuous up gradation.

Training & Recruitment
Developing talented, loyal and highly motivated resource pool.

At ATS, we continually invest in our employees by providing platforms for skills enhancement to meet the rapidly changing technological demands of the industry. We provide our resources with live projects to work on and equip them with next-generation tools and technologies.We also work closely with our clients to understand their talent requirements and provide global talent through our successful recruitment model.

Collaborate with Us to Accelerate Your Growth!

AlmedaTechSolutions provides technology and business consulting services to its clients to provide the right cost-benefit balance and helps them heighten their business value.

TalentGap Innovation Team-builder
TalentGap Personal Trainer
TalentGap Recruitment
TalentGap Innovation Team-builder

​This unique and highly successful program, allows you to complement your existing team with resources trained by us, and skilled in next generation technologies. Our client teams have surpassed the expectations of their customers and continue to drive their most demanding innovation needs.We typically begin the process by providing two to five onsite resources on a month-to-month fixed fee basis (on our payroll). This low risk approach to test and fine tune the model to their needs has thrilled our clients and they have successfully adopted this program. Once their comfort is established, we enable transition of select resources to their payroll over a period of time.

TalentGap Personal Trainer

We believe that the only training that produces results is one that allows employees to work on life-like projects from day one, and receive completely tailored attention to their needs. Equipped with a proprietary range of next generation tools and technologies as part of our training tool-kit, we are able to create a life-like, customized program to fit our client’s needs.Our training sessions are always one-on-one; web enabled, and focuses on real projects from day one. This is a great fit for clients who would like to invest in their best people, and allow them to advance their skill sets with the changing times.

TalentGap Recruitment

We like to work closely with our clients in order to understand their on-going and future talent requirements. With a strong and diverse in-house team, and targeted talent identification relationships across the globe, we have access to over 400 skilled candidates, across a wide range of platforms and technologies.Our recruitment model is performance based, and we charge industry standard fees (roughly equal to 2 months’ salary), payable to us once you hire the candidate, and fully refundable if the candidate should leave for any reason prior to their 2 month anniversary.

Enterprise Solutions

AlamedatechSolutions's Professional Consulting Services utilize technical and functional consultants to leverage its expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) architecture and systems integration. SAP, Oracle, Java, Plsql and PeopleSoft have been encouraging third-party professional consulting service companies to provide implementation and customization services to customers.

AlamedaTechSolution. addresses the entire spectrum of enterprise applications by offering customers cost-effective implementation and post implementation services. AlamedaTechSolution's consultants provide tremendous value to customers by using proven methods and tools to rapidly implement, customize and upgrade enterprise applications.

AlamedaTechSolution's expertise in SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft applications coupled with the ability to provide comprehensive, customized solutions enable customers to position themselves strategically in the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

AlamedaTechSolution.'s Consultants have extensive experience in implementing, customizing, upgrading, supporting and optimizing ERP Applications. Our consultants analyze business processes, develop a realistic project management plan and implement applications based on customer requirements, delivering results on time and within budget. AlamedaTechSolution's Full Lifecycle Implementation services include:

  • Formally documenting the expected business benefits in close consultation with the customer's key stakeholders
  • Identifying areas of concern where the ERP applications will help overcome the weaknesses of the current system
  • Seamlessly integrating existing legacy systems that fully conform to the customer's future business process model
  • Providing continuous process optimization support

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